The mobile telecom market is crowded with brands, products, service providers, manufacturers and technologies, leaving phone users helpless to understand the implications of their choices when using their phone or signing up for a mobile operator’s new service contract. As a result, customers simply can’t trust their current or prospective operator to provide them with the best value and lowest cost. Alekstra offers a solution to restore this trust.

The challenge

Today’s mobile market is complex and geographically fragmented, making it almost impossible to accurately compare prices and services.

Each operator – even within the same country – has its own unique wireless product portfolio, pricing methodology and billing system that is constantly changing.

The annual global revenue of all mobile operators combined exceeds $1 trillion. Of this amount, $200 billion is generated by mobile device manufacturers, and $100 billion by network infrastructure providers (both hardware and software). The significant balance is generated and retained by the operators themselves, as gross profit.

Alekstra’s goal is to provide a variety of services for managing wireless services to increase cost efficiency and reduce administrative complexity. Alekstra creates value by reducing costs via mobile service plan optimization, consolidated purchasing power, reduction in administrative work, and overall improvement of the quality of mobile service portfolio management.